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Whether you want to use our API, or a HTTP redirect, we have the technical solution to suit your portfolio’s set-up.

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Integrating with us

We offer two methods for you to send us your traffic.

Using a HTTP redirect is sufficient for most domainer's needs. For larger portfolios, parking engines, or domainers looking for greater control over their traffic, we also offer API integration.

HTTP Redirection

Sign up for a Protected Parking account, and - once approved - we'll provide you with your unique tracking link.{yourdomain}&id={yourid}

When sending us traffic please ensure you adhere to our Traffic Guidelines, as you could you risk having your sales reversed and account closed if found to be violating them.

Fallback URL

We also offer the ability to set a fallback URL for your portfolio, for any traffic which sent to us that we're unable to find a monetization opportunity for.

API Integration

For larger domainers an API is available to smoothly integrate Protected Parking into your monetization platform. The API allows you to both implement the redirect and pull statistics relating to both traffic, monetization and payment.

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