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Traffic Guidelines

We have strong, long-lasting relationships with our advertisers. This is due, in part, to our ability to send them high-quality traffic that works for their business - as well as ours.

In order to ensure these relationships continue to work for both parties, we have strict controls and guidelines which we require our domain partners to adhere to. Violating any of the following terms could result in your Protected Parking account terminated and any commission being withheld:

Approved Domains Only

Before we can begin to accept traffic, every domain you wish to monetise through Protected Parking must be submitted for approval. We require that you only send us traffic for domains that have been pre-approved, and we will not accept traffic from domains that are being masked behind another domains (even if both domains have been approved).

Full Redirects Only

We block any traffic that comes from an i-frame, so ensure you don’t frame any traffic and instead only use HTTP redirects. We run frequent - and extensive - checks to ensure that our partners are redirecting their traffic in a compliant manner. If you have any questions about how best to send us your traffic, drop our Support Team an email.

No Purchased Clicks

We don’t want, nor will accept, any bought traffic and any sales resulting from non - type-in traffic will be reversed. As with all our guidelines, violating our terms will result in your account being closed and commission being lost. Sending us bought traffic will ensure you are paying for traffic that won’t result in any commission.

Any questions? Please contact the Account Team at or phone us directly on +44(0) 207 3214 0072.

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