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Monetising Over 300 Brands

Our great advertiser relationships - built over many years - ensures strong, stable monetization for your brand traffic. We work with premium advertisers in high performance verticals such as travel, tax and retail.

Unbeatable Pay Outs

By working with advertisers on a Cost Per Action (CPA) basis, we provide unbeatable monetization for your brand traffic.

We then share the commission directly with you, ensuring the preferential commission tiers we're able to achieve further increases your portfolio's value.

Extensive API Integrations

By working with our API you can make intelligent decisions about where (and when) to send your domain traffic - in real time.

All of our traffic and payment reports are also available via our API.

"With Protected Parking I’m seeing consistently high RPMs across all of our brand traffic - month after month" Jim, 100+ domains parked with PP
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