Our Background

Protected Parking is a joint venture between veteran domainers and expert affiliate marketers. With feet in both the advertising and domaining world, enabling us to act as a stable bridge between the two, we can ensure our domainers benefit from our strong merchant connections and favourable commission structures to receive unbeatable revenue on brand traffic.

Marlon Phillips

VP of Sales

Marlon is a veteran domain investor and affiliate marketer completing his first affiliate sale in 1995 and buying his first domain name in 1996.

His experience in multiple internet-related businesses gives him unique abilities that have culminated in the launch of Protected Parking.


Dave Roberts


Dave founded one of the UK’s first ISPs in 1997 and in 1998 launched a content site which now generates over £100m pa in revenues. Dave has over two decades of Internet experience and was one of the founding team behind Barefruit, the International DNS resolution company with clients in Europe, USA, LATAM, India and the Middle East and Asia.


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